Racking Up the Points with the Original Antler Trap

The Rack Trap Antler Trap
In the evolution of the Rack Trap Antler Trap,our main concern has always been to promote the casting of antlers without causing harm to the animal. Unlike other shed traps that entangle the deer's antlers causing potential harm,The Rack Trap Antler Trap is designed to simply and effectively apply pressure to the antlers, encouraging the natural shedding process as the deer is feeding.

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The Rack Trap Antler Trap  
These antler traps are built Tough in the USA to last a lifetime. The frames are built of heavy, square steel tubing with 1/8" cold rolled XYZ machined steel hook plates. With heavily textured powder coating, these traps were built to withstand all the elements to give success year after year. The hooks and hardware are all zinc plated, with EPDM rubber cords and two heavy nylon ratchet straps for mounting your antler trap. These antler traps were Engineered by quality fabricators and hard core shed hunters that know the quality it takes to continuously be successful. You will not be disappointed with the quality and success you will find in the original Rack Trap Antler Trap.

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